Santa Barbara Valet Parking Service

BlueStar provides more than valet parking - we offer an unparalleled guest service experience.

  • Private Residential Estates
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Medical Campuses
  • Golf & Country Clubs
  • Polo & Racquet Clubs
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Public Venues & Local Government Locations

Our comprehensive approach to client satisfaction permits us to customize our service to accommodate the unique demands of a variety of venues and environments.

We address the needs of large public events where volume, space and timing are of utmost importance to our clientele. A thorough analysis of location and projected attendance permits BlueStar to seamlessly transition the arrival and departure of numerous guests from substantial events. We also focus our attention to the specific needs of our individual customers with residential and social gatherings. These personal venues are where BlueStar strives to understand our client's distinct interest in theme and style so that we might precisely reflect their vision.

Valet parking is also an essential benefit to fine dining restaurants and high-end hotels as well as exclusive clubs and unique retail locations. The security of safe parking is an invitation to "stop and stay awhile" and offers the comfort and ease that can often be compromised by unavailable or competitive parking. Valet ensures that a guest comes away from their experience remembering the luxury of the evening, the taste of the food, or the quality of the service as opposed to the frustration of locating parking within proximity.

First and last impressions often define guest experiences.

We at BlueStar analyze the experience our business clients wish to provide and adapt our valet service to accommodate the specific needs of the individuals our clients will be serving. We also adjust to the expectations of image and scheduling so that BlueStar valet becomes a reflection of and asset to our business associates.

In essence, BlueStar valet service is distinguished by our specific approach to the venues that we serve. We prioritize adapting to the individuals, the surroundings, and the experience that each original situation presents. That is the sort of attention that we believe our clients merit, whether their needs be large, small, public, personal, or business.

BlueStar Parking is honored to handle the first and last interactions with your guests - no matter the venue. We provide more than valet parking – we offer an unparalleled guest service experience.