2024 National Charity League | BlueStar Service @ Annual NCL Gala Reception

"Dear Travis,

Thank you to you and your team once again for helping ensure the success of our annual NCL Gala! We strive for the best guest experience and that starts with a great valet partner. Thank you again and we look forward to working with you in the future!


Christina Zimmerman + Jamie Snively

2024 National Charity League

2024 Los Padres Forest Watch | BlueStar Service and Contribution at Annual Ojai Wild! Fundraiser Reception

2024 Los Padres Forest Watch

Junior League of Santa Barbara


Review - 2024


Thank you for supporting our JLSB Summer Social event which gathered our members for the first time since the pandemic! At the event we also gathered food items to help stock the pantry at the SB Foodbank.

Warmly, Raina"

Casa Cima Linda

Testimonials from Casa Cima Linda

Review - 2023

“Team BlueStar, Thanks for all your hard work – we appreciate all you did to help us pull off the SBMA Event.”


Testimonials from the Foodbank 2022

Review - 2022

"Dear Travis,
Once again BlueStar made the Table of Life a success.  Thank you and all your staff for making the parking flow and the guests happy the Foodbank had a successful event and I appreciate your part in it.



Review - 2022

Testimonials Katelynn

Thank you so much for the amazing job + team for Keya_Dani at Sunstone Villa.  It was a pleasure working with your on-site guys, who were so helpful+ professional. Thank you for all of the guidance leading into this event, as well.  The guests felt taken care of from the time they arrived to the departure at the end of the night. We look forward to working with you and in the future!  Good luck with the rest of your 2022 season.

All the best,

Judi W.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

“I am thrilled to write a 5-star review for BlueStar they are wonderful treating our guests with respect and kindness as well as making the event run smoothly. I would us them again and again and feel grateful that we have them in our community

Monique A.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

“I am an event planner for non-profits and I have used all the parking companies in town - the best by far is BlueStar. They are professional, easy to work with and always give back to community. I wouldn't use anyone else.

Sam T.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

“Blue Star drives us to LAX and picks us up upon return. Always on time with safe, engaging drivers. They even picked up stranded pets during the floods when we could not get to them. Totally reliable and excellent service consistently. Travis & Co. are dedicated to their customers and it shows!”

Cortney H.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

“Best valet in town! I put on several events in Goleta and Santa Barbara and we always use BlueStar for our valet needs. Travis and his team provide unmatched service. They are always on time, friendly and professional. Would highly recommend!!”

Testimonial #2 from Oren Co

Larry L.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

 “Everywhere I look, there's Blue Star Parking. And that's a great thing! These guys [you know, the collective 'guys', men and women] are great folks. Always on point, professional, and I personally find them perpetually upbeat. Really, I encounter Blue Star a lot, like when we're at one of my favorite restaurants on Coast Village Rd., [have you been to Oliver's? The food is amazing!], or at a polo match at the S.B. Polo and Racquet Club, a concert at the Bowl, and just all-around town it seems. I consider Blue Star to be the perennial 'Best of' when it comes to parking and just great customer service”

Lindsey S.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

“I work for a large healthcare organization in Ventura and we always use Blue Star Parking for our valet needs for our events. Blue Star provides excellent communication and makes coordinating for the event easy. They always show up on time and are ready in advance of an event. The staff is professional and handles our guests with care. The guests always comment how nice and helpful the valet staff are. Blue Star is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend their services”

Christian B.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

 “I recently stayed at a hotel in SB where BlueStar was providing valet parking and the service was great. They were friendly, professional, and even helped me find a great local restaurant for dinner. Thanks, BlueStar - will surely use you again and recommend!”

Testimonial from Kathryn at Oren Co Events


Katie B.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

“BlueStar has been the faithful driving service of our family for years, and every ride has exceeded our expectations. The drivers are courteous, professional, and safe. There is no task that Travis, Ken and their team cannot complete quickly and smoothly. You can trust these guys to get you and your car there and back and looking better than when you left! If you need a driver or stellar valet service, these are your guys. BlueStar is our all-time favorite private driving service - simply the best!”


Amy K.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

 “I took my time leaving this review. These guys are top notch when they take care of our car. They take a lot of pride in their service and it shows! They did things for me up and over the call of duty. Thank you, BlueStar!”

Daniel A.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

“BlueStar parking has officially been my choice valet for many years.  I highly recommend them.  The management team is professional:  they handle all service requests promptly, their valets are personable, well-groomed, and efficient.  We especially enjoy working with Enrique, he is attentive, dedicated, and respectful.  Guests enjoy interacting with him. Good work fellas!”

Bianca S.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

 “Love this valet company, I see them everywhere and they always give quality service. They're quick and always give a smile! Never have issues with them :)”

Lacey W.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

 “Travis has been providing us, and so many friends, with excellent, safe, delightful drivers at super reasonable rates.  We always call Travis when we are going to or returning from LAX. I also feel more comfortable with his drivers, driving to events at night, than I do with Uber.”

Anahita N.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

 “I recently went to a concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl and BlueStar Parking was incredibly helpful and reliable, as well as super convenient to have as a service!”


Alen W.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

“I recently attended an event in Santa Barbara and tried the Valet parking. BlueStar Parking provided excellent service. The Valet was very professional and even gave me a tip for a restaurant in the local area that I could grab a bite to eat. If you ever attend a function that BlueStar is providing the service, I advise you to use it! I took a look at their website and they provide many services in the area. If you are in need of the services that they provide I would without a doubt recommend using them!

Jessica K.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

“Love BlueStar Parking and their team! I see them all over town and always have a great experience using them! The staff are polite and professional and make parking easy. Would recommend to anyone looking to hire for a private event or business!”

Macy B.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

“Best valet service in town. I feel like every event I attend, they're working! Fantastic service, the kids are always hustling to get your car to you quickly. If I'm ever planning an event, I know who to call!”

Christina P.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

 “This past weekend my Girlfriends and I ate at Blue Water Grill where we greeted by Blue Star out front.  Extremely professional, assured us we would be parked out front, sure enough the Valet had my car on and running for us as we departed the restaurant, VIP service at its finest!

Nan H.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

“These people are THE kindest, most dependable folks you can imagine! I cannot say enough good things about them!!”

Robert C.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

 “Best valet service in Santa Barbara! I love having their convenient parking when I visit Los Arroyos and Oliver's in Montecito. They had also served me at a wedding I attended a few months back and everyone loved having their excellent valet service available!!”


Katie M.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

 “Super happy with the service provided to me and my event's guests. Very personable and professional - from booking and organizing, through final planning, and payment. A pleasure to work with them all. Continue to use BlueStar Parking for all my events as they have not let me down ever, in fact, they go out of their way to accommodate my guests' unique requests!”


Blaine H.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2018

 “I worked with Blue Star for several years while working at SB Polo Club and we just recently had our wedding shower at my parents in Solvang. Blue Star Parking went above and beyond and all of our guests left so happy with the service! They are definitely a must for having a successful event!!!”

Lynee G.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2017

 “Working with Blue Star was wonderful. Every interaction was straightforward, meaningful and they don't dilly dally in their response time. My emails were responded to within a day and that says a lot. Their professionalism was welcomed and extremely appreciated. On site, their employees were friendly and extremely polite. If you need any sort of valet service, don't hesitate. Just go with Blue Star. You'll be happy you did”


Lindsey L.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2016

 “Excellent service. Travis and his team at BlueStar are very professional and have consistently gone above and beyond for my guests and I. Additionally, BlueStar supports many local charities in the Santa Barbara community, search as Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. I can't say enough good things about this business!!”


Stefani C.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2015

 “Blue Star Parking is TOP NOTCH!!! I have worked with many parking services over the years, and none have impressed me as much as Blue Star. Travis, Ken and their entire team is not only gracious and professional, but they bend over backwards to make everyone feel comfortable and confident! I appreciate their level of detail, but what struck me most is the kindness that each person on staff exhibits Their level of service is impeccable, and no task is too much for them. They are responsive to emails and questions, and I didn't have to think of a thing with them on board. They take such pride in their work, I only wish they could teach others how to be - it would be a much better world! Kudos to Blue Star for setting the standard of how parking, valet and service should be! BRAVO!!!!!!”

Amy A.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2014

 “Service: the action of helping or doing work for someone. I find that in our marketplace today it is becoming increasingly difficult to find superior service.  In the past decade I personally have seen a dramatic decrease in the over-the-top Nordstrom style of service model that used to be customary in the service industry. When did this simple art of customer service reduce itself to merely a nod your way and an occasional thank for your patronage?  I don't know about you, but I certainly will pay a premium for a great handshake, and a simple, thank you for doing business with me.

BlueStar Parking is a company that truly exemplifies every bit of the word service; and additionally, the highest level of over-the-top customer service. They NEVER fail to impress me. In fact, when I pull into events around town, the staff even knows my name and acknowledges me with extreme courteousness. 

Thank you BlueStar team for your willingness to be not just good at customer service, but great. It puts a smile on my face every-time I pull up to a valet with your logo proudly presenting itself.  Keep up the hard work, it is truly inspiring”


Leah C.

5-Star Yelp! Review - 2014

 “I hired BlueStar Parking to do valet for my wedding last month and they were amazing. They were so on top of everything and paid so much attention to detail and were so warm and welcoming to each and every one of my guests. They even went above and beyond and helped move about 200 chairs from our ceremony to where our dinner was held. I have since received many comments from our wedding guests about how great the valets were.”

Maya Grace

Public Google Review – 2018

“Outstanding service and they were so fast and efficient with parking and picking our car up!

My boyfriend and I went on a date for Valentine's Day to Oliver’s (amazing vegan food) and it was pretty cold outside. We got there and instantly the valet opened our doors and parked our car with no issues! They even opened the door for us to the restaurant! Really nice people. After the meal, one of the valets, I believe his name is Nick, literally RAN to get our car and got us in fast since it was so cold! Brendan was also a really chill dude to talk to.

Overall great!”


Larry Lee

Public Google Review – 2018

“Everywhere I look, there's Blue Star Parking. And that's a great thing! These guys [you know, the collective 'guys', men and women] are great folks. Always on point, professional, and I personally find them perpetually upbeat. Really, I encounter Blue Star a lot, like when we're at one of my favorite restaurants on Coast Village Rd., [have you been to Oliver's? The food is amazing!], or at a polo match at the S.B. Polo and Racquet Club, a concert at the Bowl, and just all-around town it seems. I consider Blue Star to be the perennial 'Best of' when it comes to parking and just great customer service.”


Katie M.

Public Google Review – 2018

“I use Blue Star Parking for all of my events as they have consistently provided me and my guests with excellent service. They are very accommodating, professional and personable.”


Endor Chavez

Public Google Review – 2018

“I have attended many events in town where BlueStar Parking was providing the Valet Service (seems like they are working at every event in town) and they are always hustling and on point with their service. As someone who also works in the customer service industry, I know all about the high expectations for quality service in the community and BlueStar never disappoints! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a stellar valet parking service.”


Katie Browne

Public Google Review – 2018

 “The best private driving/valet parking team around! Trust these guys to get you there and back looking better than when you left.”


Dawna Meeks

Public Google Review – 2018

“My company stayed in Santa Barbara looking for sites in the Channel Islands to bring my scuba diving clients. We used BlueStar for our valet. The staff was particularly helpful, recommending good restaurants as well as updates on local companies to help us with our research. Travis was very knowledgeable and friendly with his knowledge of the local community. I would recommend BlueStar to anyone in the area!”

Gerald Jones II

Public Google Review – 2018

“Super easy and accommodating service for me and my family! We love to travel a ton and ran into this service after staying at the Belmond hotel in Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is one of our favorite places to visit, since the weather is just perfect every Summer we come, but we mainly went to the same restaurants then moved onto our next destination. Luckily, we found out about this service called “BlueStar” and decided to try it out... LOVED IT! We visited three new restaurants due to their recommendation on our week stay (loved Los Arroyos) AND was always covered with parking! So easy to use and reduced a lot of stress on our trips with the family. Seriously enjoyed Santa Barbara the most this time, and this was our fourth visit! Thank you, BlueStar! Will definitely be using your services next Summer!”


Carolyn Wiles

Public Google Review – 2018

“I attended an event in Santa Barbara this past weekend and BlueStar provided EXCELLENT valet parking...I don't usually use valet parking but this was a real treat for me and they made me feel like a VIP!!!!!”


Melissa Lee

Public Google Review – 2018

“Recently we stayed at a hotel in downtown Santa Barbara and had the pleasure of BlueStar taking our car for valet. The valet was super personable and friendly gave us some tips on places to go check out during our overnight stay.

When we checked out and asked for our car it was waiting for us. This was not our first experience with Bluestar, in fact, whenever we go to a restaurant in Santa Barbara we always look to see if they have Bluestar doing Valet because we know that our car will be taken care of and that will be greeted with a friendly smile.”


Hillary Hauser

Executive Director, Heal the Ocean 

(2012) “Travis and BlueStar Parking have Heal the Ocean's business forever and ever, they have done our events for a number of years, we will hire no one else. Travis is so fair, reasonable, and uber-willing to work with changes whether up or down.”

(2015) "Heal the Ocean recently had an event at Elings Park to celebrate the successful conclusion of one of our biggest environmental costal projects. Travis Hawley and BlueStar Parking were amazing with the help provided to us! The situation called for cars being parked below, with carts being used to shuttle guests to the top of Godric’s Grove; more helpful, gentlemanly and friendly -- making it all seem easy. The service was absolutely seamless, and it was in fact a large part of the good time everyone had. ALSO, and this is important, when our "numbers" turned out differently from the time we initially contracted BlueStar for their services, Travis didn't miss a beat in refiguring our costs. We love him, we will never use any valet service other than BlueStar!"

(2018) "Heal the Ocean continues to love BlueStar Parking for all our events, but I had never considered them for a personal driver to Los Angeles. I had a post-surgery checkup in Santa Monica after a hip replacement and I couldn't drive myself - BlueStar arranged it all for me.  A driver picked me up at home, drove me in my car, waited for me while I went to the appointment and then drove me home. Good conversation, time flew by, and the whole thing was not only pleasant, but at rates that are far less than the Santa Barbara Air Bus! You guys are the BEST!"


Rick Boller

Executive Director, Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation

"Working with BlueStar has been a positive experience from the day we decided to make a switch. Parking lot supervisors, Brian, Ricky and Anthony go above and beyond in providing the customer service skills necessary for success in our fast-paced environment at the Santa Barbara Bowl. We look forward to a continued partnership in the years to come and would not hesitate to recommend BlueStar Parking to anyone for their parking related needs."


Lindsey Guerrero

Executive Director, Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation

"I have had the pleasure of working with BlueStar Parking numerous times over the last few years for the valet parking needs at various fundraising events benefitting Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. Most recently, BlueStar was tasked with handling the valet parking and guest services at one of our VIP donor receptions at a private home which presented difficult parking logistics in the hills of Santa Barbara. Ken Rife, BlueStar's Director of Operations was present throughout the duration of the event, and along with his crew, ensured the event's overall success and the satisfaction of every attending donor. BlueStar truly went above and beyond, exceeding our high expectations of service. The valet crew even helped to set up the candles along the stairs prior to the event, helped our staff carry all the event materials, even loading our cars and ensuring we had all the assistance we could possible need. BlueStar is far more than just a valet parking service provider - they are stellar guest service agents: parking the guest vehicles is just one of the ways that they provided service at our event!! I highly recommend BlueStar Parking for event guest services and valet parking needs - they will not disappoint! I look forward to working with BlueStar again in the near future. Thank you BlueStar!"


Dee Eger

House Manager to Mrs. Anne Towbes

"In my opinion, BlueStar Parking is the finest valet parking provider in Santa Barbara and the Central Coast! Dependability and Professionalism at its best! Travis and his team take pride in catering to our needs (regardless of the size of our event) by providing us with experienced, well-trained, well-mannered, and courteous valets. BlueStar's reputation speaks for itself: thy are always truly concerned with our personal needs and I love how reliable, responsible, and kind all their valets are!"


Marlene Veloz

Private Montecito Client

"I could not have been happier with my BlueStar driver. He was a delightful young man. Thoughtful, polite, cautious (which I love) and a very good driver. We would not hesitate to request him as a driver for us in the future. Many, many thanks to BlueStar for always providing us with this excellent service."


Marinella Baker

Marketing Director, Elings Park

"Thank you so much for providing the valet parking for our fundraiser event. The party went really well and your service was flawless! Thank you!!!"


Kielle Horton

President, Junior League of Santa Barbara

Vice President, Lindsey Communications

"I have had numerous experiences with BlueStar Parking, both as a client and as a guest enjoying their valet services. Every time I work with Travis, he is the ultimate professional and makes hiring BlueStar a pleasure. He has accommodated our needs time and time again His staff arrives early and is efficient and polished...they make a serious effort to assist us and our guests in ways we don't even think to ask. They truly go above and beyond to be helpful and courteous. I can give the highest recommendation to Travis and his team at BlueStar Parking and look forward to working with them for many years to come."


Armando Martinez

Founder, Creative Director & Planner at ALEGRIA EVENT GROUP

“Travis and BlueStar are a wonderful resource for me that I refer to my clients often - what more can I say, I refer Travis because I know my clients will always be taken care of.”


Karen Dicks

JAS Productions

"Just wanted to say a quick thank you for helping make Nick & Margaret's wedding a success! The Day went splendidly and you and your guys helped to make that happen! Looking forward to working with you again in the future!"


Shelby Sim

Current Executive Director, Visit Santa Ynez

Past Director of Business Development, Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce 

"BlueStar Parking is an Asset to Santa Barbara County. I find myself at numerous events in many local locations, quite often. It always feels good to pull up and see The BlueStar Sign and their excellent Staff, ready to greet & serve guests."


Ariana Rothstein-Fisch

Past General Manager at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club

"The Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club is very lucky to work with Travis and Bluestar Parking. Bluestar is always on time, pays attention to every detail and they are always professional. The Club has never worked with a better company. Thanks, Bluestar Parking!"


Charles Ward 

Founder & CEO of Idea Works

"I have been coming to Santa Barbara for ten years and see BlueStar every summer. They have maintained a positive and professional relationship with the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club and are highly respected. I enjoy working with BlueStar Parking and will continue to do so."


Alison Hansen

Past Event Director & Clubhouse Manager, Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club

"During my time as the Event & Sales Director of the Santa Barbara Polo Club, we served a group of 500 members who are quite discerning, to say the least. To say that they expect stellar service as a baseline is an understatement. Not only does the BlueStar valet team remember everyone's name, various cars and particular habits and preferences, they make all who enter the Club feel welcome - and that helps us with our member retention rate. In addition to our private members, we welcome 1,000 new guests each Sunday to polo matches and BlueStar manages the flow of the parking operations so smoothly that it gives people a Great first impression of the Club. BlueStar is always gracious, polite and kind. He takes it upon himself to upgrade not only his area, but our facility, keeping an eye on things and really showing that he cares. I highly recommend BlueStar Parking. In fact, they are the only vendor that we require guests to use when they host parties at the Club."


Austin Lampson

Senior Mortgage Consultant, OnQ Financial

"These guys are amazing! Not only was their team professional and courteous, they were prompt, efficient, and truly added to our event. There is simply no one else we will return to for valet service in Santa Barbara. Thank You BlueStar Parking!


The Ratliffe Family & ZeeBlu Team

"We chose BlueStar Parking to provide valet service at a clambake fundraiser event that was organized to raise money for an autistic child wishing to obtain his own service dog. The event was hosted by ZeeBlu and was made possible by generous donations from the Santa Barbara community. BlueStar arrived with enthusiasm and professionalism. The valets were courteous, friendly, and prompt. Their service was an important component to the fundraiser’s success, so thank you BlueStar!"


Steven Sharpe

General Director, Opera Santa Barbara

"BlueStar Parking is the BEST! Their service dependability and professionalism make my patrons feel welcomed and appreciated. I cannot recommend their services enough."


Gary F. (BBB Review)

Private Event Client, Various: 2012-present

"BlueStar Parking is the best parking company I have ever done business with in the past and I will continue to do so in the future!! The owner & the management team go out of their way to see that everything you are looking for is accomplished. Very professional and wonderful communication, I wholeheartedly recommend them for any valet or special event parking needs!"


Jon Shafer

Founder, Bimmerfest

"BlueStar Parking has been crucial to the success of our Bimmerfest event year after year..."


Tim Jones (Bimmerfest 2006 through 2009)

Owner, Performance IX (Bimmerfest)

"Travis has gone above and beyond anything we would have ever expected to ensure the success of our annual event, Bimmerfest. Our festival not only runs better but has been systemically improved by the hard work and ideas that Travis has contributed over the many years he has managed the parking for our attendees and sponsors."


Tim Jones (Bimmerfest 2010 through 2013)

Owner, Performance IX (Bimmerfest)

"We could not do what we do at Bimmerfest without Travis and BlueStar Parking! Travis's personal and professional commitment to our event’s success makes the difference between us having a good event and a great event. I would highly recommend Travis and BlueStar Parking to anyone that is looking for an easy to work with company that can and will deliver the results that you're looking for." 


Mark Jurista

Owner, Performance IX (2006 through 2013)

"We are lucky to have found Travis and BlueStar Parking to help run our annual event, Bimmerfest; Travis & BlueStar are a huge part of why our event continues to be more successful each & every year. I would highly recommend Travis to anyone looking for top notch results!"


Collie Nike

Wedding Client, Santa Barbara

"5 Stars!!! BlueStar did a great job for our wedding!"


Itso & Janelle Hristov

Bride & Groom, Wedding Clients 

"Travis - A BIG BIG thank you to you, Ken, and BlueStar Parking for providing us with such a great valet service during your wedding celebration party! All your staff looked very sharp and professional, and I knew we didn't have to worry about anything. We definitely look forward to working with you again in the future."


Sonia Hopkins

Owner and Principal Event Planner at XOXO BRIDE

"Bluestar Parking is a go to vendor for XOXO BRIDE. Their professional staff and competitive rates make it very easy for my clients. We have been very impressed with their services and can highly recommend BlueStar for parking and valet needs."


Colette Lopez

Owner, La Fete Weddings

"We have been so pleased each time we use BlueStar Parking! They are not only our go to company when it comes to valet, but we have used them for security on private estates, transportation and shuttles, and directional parking attendants. This year we had many private events and BlueStar shined every time! Travis and his team are professional, on time, always work hard for us, and will time and time again work within our client's budgets. I am honored always to refer this company for weddings and events. So much so that we are using them for my daughter's wedding this Fall."


Melissa Younce

Owner, Engaged to be Wed

Past Wedding and Sales Manager at Rincon Beach Club and Catering

"Travis runs a tight operation at BlueStar Parking. From the start of the bid process to the final billing, Travis provides everything in a timely manner. He is consistent, reliable and great to interact with. When BlueStar is on the job I know my guests will be well taken care of. With BlueStar I don't have to think about valet, parking or shuttles - it's just handled."


Bonnie Hope

Owner at Music by Bonnie and Company

"Travis and his staff at BlueStar Parking have provided excellent and consistent services for a number of my Wedding Fairs over the past few years. I can always count on him and his group to welcome our attendees with a smiling face. It's a great way for my clients to enter the Show. I am fortunate to have them as our 'welcoming committee'."


Zohe Felici

#SixFigureEventPreneur, Business Mentor at Zohe Felici

Past CEO, Felici Events

"Bluestar parking did a wonderful job at one of my client's recent events. The planning process and communication was smooth, the follow through and execution on the day of the event was excellent and the team of valets were professional and courteous. One less thing for me to have to worry about..."


Joy Proctor

Owner, Joy de Vivre

"Travis offers friendly, reliable and affordable valet parking and private driving services. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about BlueStar Parking. Thanks for making my job easier :) I will continue to refer you and use your services!"


Paul Avolio

President of Latitude 34 Technologies

"Travis is a focused manager who looks at all options before deciding on the best course of action. He is a no-nonsense and detail oriented professional. Travis is always a pleasure to do business with."


Ashlyn Clark

Bride at Heartstone Ranch, 2013

"BlueStar Parking provided excellent valet service at our wedding and ensured that everyone made it home safely. Our wedding was the most incredible day, and I know that was all due to the amazing team of partners we had... thank you, BlueStar!"


Tori Bodin

Private Event Client, Ventura/Rincon Point

"We used BlueStar to valet a clambake fundraiser and they were fantastic! The valets were courteous and friendly. The event was a huge success and we have BlueStar to thank!"


Kim 'Max' White

Operations & Project Manager – Contracted 

"As the Owner of BlueStar Parking (provider of transportation services to Citrix Online & a Chamber of Commerce Member), Mr. Hawley has proven that customer satisfaction still exists in the mind of business owners who truly wish to go above and beyond. In establishing the shuttle service for Citrix Online employees, BlueStar provides convenient transportation with flexibility and a smile--meeting the needs of the rider and company. Whatever your company or event needs I highly recommend BlueStar Parking today and in the future."


Cliff Baldridge

Google & YouTube Content-Advertising Partner SBARTSTV

"Travis has the Best Valet Parking Service in Santa Barbara County, BlueStar Parking. I recommend BlueStar Parking for your Business and Events. He provides special service at all the Local Top Events in Montecito and Santa Barbara. I have frequently used the service; they are great professionals and take care of the guest cars in Valet. I admire his operation and the quality of his service.


Mike Reese

Owner, Sign A Rama

"Working with Travis has been a pleasure these last 4 years. He is the utmost professional, pays incredible attention to detail and has acted as an advocate for our company, promoting us whenever he can. I highly recommend BlueStar Parking. If you’re looking for a professional valet company to handle an event, look no further: BlueStar Parking is The Best." 


Jessica Rea

CEO/Founder at the Well-Fed Soul

"Travis is your go-to guy. I've worked with him on several community events and he consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. If you want peace of mind and just need to "get it done right," Travis is your man. Not only is he reliable, professional, and resourceful, but he's also a great pleasure to work with. I'd highly recommend him and BlueStar Parking to anyone.