Parking Logistics and Consultation

"You Focus on your Business, BlueStar will take care of the Parking"

BlueStar Logistics and Consultation Services

  • Temporary Construction Solutions

  • Development Consultation

  • City Negotiations & Government Contracts

  • Employee Parking & Transportation Solutions

  • Alternative Solutions for Loss of Space & Overcrowding

BlueStar Parking is your professional consultant when it comes to the parking needs & regulations of the Central Coast and Southern California regions. Whether you are planning an event, beginning construction at your property or business, or in the initial phases of new hotel/restaurant development, BlueStar is fully prepared to address all of your logistical concerns and provide you with a number of parking solutions. We are well-educated on the codes of the vicinity and what viable actions can be taken to address any level of parking demands.

Parking is the first challenge consumers face upon visiting any business - we keep your patrons happy and your business approachable.

Exceptional local governments and businesses strive to maintain their beauty and uniqueness through landscape, natural splendor, and architecture. Often times parking solutions can be overlooked and present many challenges amid the efforts to run a successful business.

Bluestar is happy to offer trained attendants for garage and surface lots as well as private lot control to protect the interest ofthe business, the customers, and the employees. We also provide service agents for fee-based parking collection. Our members are well-trained to mediate the public and regulate lot management.

You focus on your Business, BlueStar will take care of the Parking.