Concierge Services

BlueStar Parking works with the needs, abilities, and resources of every client to provide a strategy and solution for any situation with our All Inclusive Concierge Services

  • Customized Inclusive Service

  • Bottled Water Service

  • Gift Bag Distribution

  • Specialty Uniforms

  • Red Carpet Treatment

We collaborate with local affiliates in all facets of the industry, customizing inclusive services without limitation. As a locally owned company, our members have years of experience with hospitality in the Santa Barbara region and have firmly established relationships with an array of professional vendors.

This permits us to design cost effective concierge packages that extend beyond our traditional service. A multitude of amenities can be incorporated, including bottled water service, swag-bag distribution, client gifts, specialty uniforms, and specific staffing requests.  Our familiarity with event venues enables us to network on behalf of our customers and our approach is defined by the specific needs of every individual client.

If BlueStar Parking cannot personally provide you with a service, we will facilitate the acquisition of those services from a reputable local affiliate that will meet your needs at the high level of service that you expect.