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Pure Joy Catering

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111 E Haley St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Our Mission is Pure Joy.

Pure Joy in our craft, our culture and our clients.
Reviews from Pure Joy clients will tell you; collaborating with our experienced team will make planning a successful event fun and save you a lot of time. At Pure Joy we don’t do jobs, we do what we love; professionally executing spectacular events, making exceptional food from scratch, making our clients proud and thrilling their guests since 2001. Whatever your desire, whether it’s low-key or lavish; we help celebrate life’s milestones and believe in the host’s privilege to avoid stress and enjoy every minute.

I am Lynette La Mere, the PJC Executive Chef, Owner and Relentless Culinary Explorer with over thirty-five years of experience in the culinary arts, specifically as an off-premise catering specialist, I've done thousands of events. I started this business as a single mom with full custody of two fine young boys. I have contagious passion and energy, and after many years of 20-hour days, I’m proud to tell you that my company of people & my sons continue to thrive.

We own the land we've built our event planning facility and prep kitchen on; we're here to stay and business is better than ever. Our commercial kitchen, offices, and huge warehouse of décor equipment allow our planning team and culinary staff to work closely together on the custom creation of each Pure Joy event.

​Your priorities and budget are ours; we keep them in mind to plan and manage your event from the first delectable appetizer, the rentals, the beverages, the style, the décor, a sumptuous meal, friendly and impeccable service, full clean up and every other aspect you require.

Let us help you create unforgettable Pure Joy memories.

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