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Cabana Home Santa Barbara Outdoor Furniture

111 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Cabana Home, for the Santa Barbara Lifestyle

Cabana Home Santa Barbara Furniture

Cabana Home defines “traditional with a twist” furnishings for indoor and outdoor, with a store located in Santa Barbara. Our highly edited selections reflect the California lifestyle and include hard to find and one of a kind furniture, textiles, and accessories from designers, manufacturers, and antique markets in America and Europe.

Cabana Home is an interior design studio and home furnishings store based in Santa Barbara, CA. We help you define a sophisticated look that is both comfortable and practical. We offer hard to find one of a kind furniture, textiles, lighting and accessories from designers & manufacturers in America and Europe, and all with an eye towards value. Customers will find unique pieces which show their personal style while enhancing their enjoyment and efficiency of the design process of their personal environment that is inviting, warm and alive. Please email, telephone or visit our showroom to schedule an appointment.

We are responsible for our environment, not the next guy. Part of being responsible is making sure we insist on products that are made from sustainable, recyclable materials, and from companies that do not use abusive labor practices. Inexpensive outdoor furniture is readily available from discount big box stores, drug stores and even grocery stores, so ask yourself this: Can the furniture you are considering meet the bullet points listed above, and if they can, go for it, if not, give it some thought. 

To Caroline Thompson and Steve Thompson, co-founders of Cabana Home, LLC, the essence of their store symbolizes the distinctive Santa Barbara lifestyle, relaxed sophistication. This design team have jointly built or redesigned 28 homes in Dallas, Santa Fe and Santa Barbara. Through the years they have mastered the art of creating beautiful living spaces, which have graced the covers of national design publications. Their newest venture, Cabana Home, LLC, redefines the perception of traditional indoors and out furnishings.

Caroline and Steve met while working at the world renowned Neiman Marcus department store in Dallas, Texas, where they learned first hand from Stanley Marcus, “service is everything.” Grounded in a retail background, Steve followed a successful career in real estate and development while Caroline, opened a highly regarded special events firm. As business partners they perused their talent for designing informal, elegant residential properties, through their own residential real estate development company.

So, come on and join us and have some fun! Let’s Live this life outdoors!

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