Mollies Downtown

Mollies Downtown

1218 State St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Mollie's brings Italy to your table in Santa Barbara, CA with Italian cuisine inspired by authentic Italian tradition.

Our Italian restaurant offers fine dining guided by the internationally-acclaimed Chef Mollie. Italian food is her passion, and she brings that passion and a lifetime of training with premier Italian chefs to Mollie's to share with you. Her Italian food has been featured on Oprah and in "O" Magazine, with other accolades by National Geographic and more.

Enjoy a glass of wine as you bite down on our famous meatballs, or split a homemade pizza with your family. And don't forget to treat yourself to tiramisu or our other rich desserts when you're done. Our restaurant also offers express lunch during the week and brunch on the weekends for on-the-go diners. Don't hesitate, book a reservation at Mollie's today!

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