C.A.D.A. Logo Santa Barbara Parking Services

Main Office:
232 E. Canon Perdido St,
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

P.O. Box 28
Santa Barbara, CA 93102*

Ph: 805-963-1433
fax: 805-963-4099
[email protected]

Mission Statement

Building a safer, healthier community by preventing and treating alcoholism and drug abuse.

In pursuit of this mission the Council seeks to:

  • Prevent alcoholism and drug abuse through education and public awareness.
  • Intervene when symptoms of the problem appear and provide alternative activities, support, and treatment.
  • Encourage proper diagnosis, treatment and continuum of care for individuals and families with alcoholism, other drug addictions and related problems.

To achieve its mission, CADA:

  • Gives special emphasis to improving the awareness and understanding of leaders, educators, health professionals and the media about the disease of alcoholism and other drug addiction diseases, their medical complications and the related social and economic problems; crime, violence, AIDS, healthcare costs, homelessness, and the economy.
  • Gathers and disseminates valid public educational information about use of alcohol and other drugs, alcoholism and other drug addictions and related problems.
  • Offers information about alcoholism and other drug addiction diseases and referral to appropriate treatment services, and,
  • Provides treatment and relapse prevention programs.

CADA carries out its mission by direct actions of the staff and volunteers. CADA works cooperatively with a wide variety of groups and individuals to address concerns about alcoholism, other drug addictions and related problems.

CADA is the administrative agency for Santa Barbara Fighting Back, a community collaborative to reduce the demand for alcohol and drugs in South Santa Barbara County.

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