The Unity Shoppe

The Unity Shoppe

The Unity Shoppe Santa Barbara Non-Profit

110 W Sola St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101 

Our Heroes, Our Friends, Our Neighbors, Our Community. 

The Unity Shoppe provides a "Central Distribution Facility" for the use of all non-profit agencies, social service organizations, churches, schools and hospitals. Over 300 different service groups are now referring their low-income clients to this facility during times of crisis.

By documenting and qualifying those that need support services, by eliminating duplication of services more people can find better and more consistent support services throughout the year. We coordinate food drives and collect donated merchandise whenever possible. We also purchase needed foods items that are generally not donated to us. We add healthy, nutritious food to our inventory so children, families and the elderly can be given healthy choices.

To operate the "free grocery store" for a year, it takes over $ 900,000 in food supplies. We are always in need of Pinto Beans, Rice, Baby Food, Chicken Soup, Whole Corn, Peanut Butter, Tuna, Cereal, Milk, Fruit, Eggs, Meat Products and Chicken. The Unity Shoppe also purchases and collects school supplies, clothing, shoes, household goods, basic necessities and furniture to distribute to qualified clients.

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